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Suchna Ka Adhikar
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Editor : Milap Choraria : TII Inauguration

In a democracy, ‘Right to Know’ or ‘Suchna Ka Adhikar’ is an important Human and Fundamental Right of the Citizen. The ‘Right to Know’ or ‘Suchna Ka Adhikar’ is derived or inferred from Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution and also from those fundamental principles, which are essential to empower the ‘VOTERS’ of a true democracy to use it as a powerful tool, to have some control over the reins of the powers, its functioning and to check wrong doings of the power mongers.            


In the context, we need to strengthen the aforesaid Law providing more teeth to deal with the wrong doers, who try to hoodwink the principle of the ‘Right to Know’ or ‘Suchna Ka Adhikar’. To establish a practical regime of ‘Right to Know’ or ‘Suchna Ka Adhikar’ for citizenry, in order to promote complete transparency and accountability, the access to the ‘information’ under the control and in the process of working of every public authority should be ensured. Secrecy must be exceptional and subjective. At any cost, no authority should be allowed to misuse the exceptionality, to protect the corrupt practices at any level and any kind.


Therefore, need of the hour is to make the Right to Information, a vibrant “All-India Movement”, committed individuals working towards making government and society more transparent and accountable, seeking, manifestation of the laudable assurances given to the people in general through the expressions given in the PREAMBLE of the Indian Constitution. With such a views broadly speaking, the idea is to publish a monthly Magazine, Titles (Suchna Ka Adhikar and Right to Know) are already approved by the Registrar of Newspaper for India. 


We are launching these magazines (Suchna Ka Adhikar in Hindi and Right to Know in English). We also decided to arrange printing and publishing of the Magazine, in the local languages at the local levels, with the idea to involved masses from grass root in the movement for Right to Know at the maximum possible at each and every City/District in the Country, so local issues relating to ‘Right to Know’ or ‘Suchna Ka Adhikar’ should be covered, whereas the each local edition should be independent, in all respects. On the other hand the single Title of the Magazine would help the strengthening the impact of the empowerment of the citizenry. We already entered in some agreements and some are under process.  


Milap Choraria

B-5/52, Sector-7, Rohini, Delhi-110085

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